How do you prepare for a tailgate party?

How to plan a great TailgatePlan ahead. Find a perfect place to settle on campus or near the stadium. Communicate with other passengers early on and often. Get your equipment ready the night before.

Don't forget to bring your own attire for the tailgate. Plan to arrive at least 4 hours before the start. When you've done your research, you'll want to know what time doors open and what time you want to sit in your seats to watch the game. This will give you plenty of time to find your place to play, warm up the grill and have a few beers with your soccer buddies.

And clean it properly before the game starts. Now is the time to send invitations to all your fan friends. Be sure to include arrival times, responsibilities related to food and drink, and how to find yourself once they arrive. We suggest tying a large, brightly colored helium balloon to your trunk with a ribbon long enough so that your friends and family can see it.

Otherwise, leave a marker with your exact location or just meet everyone at the entrance and find a place together. When game time approaches, remember to clear your area before entering the stadium. Pack plastic containers and aluminum foil to store leftover food or snacks, and have a permanent marker ready to label each container. Also keep hand sanitizer, wet wipes, paper towels and garbage bags handy for easy cleaning.

Standing in line is a fun weekend activity, and you can enjoy good food, good company and, hopefully, a good game. Different types of recreational vehicles and vans are common when it comes to traveling with back doors because they provide a good amount of storage space and can accommodate large groups. This list of supplies for going fishing will ensure that you have everything you need, including barbecue supplies, essential tools for grilling, emergency tools, food and even a place to write your own miscellaneous items. You almost always drink at the tailgate, so it's very important to make sure that some of your friends are sober so they can take everyone home after the game.

Snacks are one of the best tailgate parties because they're easy to grab, don't require utensils, and can help minimize the amount of food you have to clean. As is the case before the game, shopping is a great way to show the pride of your team and offer your guests, friends and family an entertaining day that they won't soon forget. In addition, if you have a vehicle with larger rear doors and you want to make sure that there is space for all your guests, you may need to reserve two seats to go in the back instead of one. If you're wondering what kind of recipes to make for the tailgate party, consider eating easy-to-eat sandwiches, individual servings of chilli or soup, pre-made snack boxes with chips and candies, and of course, burgers, sausages and skewers (and their vegetarian counterparts).

The first thing you should do when planning your tailgate party is to make sure it's allowed. Chicken wings, hamburgers and brats are classic, and there are tons of options for making great snacks at the back gate, such as jalapeño popcorn, pinwheel rolls and loaded potato peels. All this talk about food brings us to the key point of making sure that the food you eat is handled safely. Unless you want everyone to bring chips and salsa, it's best to delegate dietary responsibilities to everyone who joins the back gate.


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