What do you bring to a tailgating party?

Cola lovers can personalize their dogs with spicy pickles and onions, horseradish or hot chili peppers. This bag is perfect if you are going to pick up food on the way or if you are carrying food already prepared. I've found that no matter what type of tailgate I use, there are certain things I always need. Then you'll be truly ready at any time to meet up with friends and have fun at your next tailgate or picnic.

The secret I have discovered to always be prepared for the next tailgate is to put together a bag with the essentials. This list of supplies for going fishing will ensure that you have everything you need, including barbecue supplies, essential tools for grilling, emergency tools, food, and even a place to write your own miscellaneous items. My carrying bag also contains a variety of cookies, a stack of individual glasses and plastic wine glasses.

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