What do you do at a tailgate party?

Like a backyard barbecue, a solid tailgate always has something to do to make people waste their time, and the ideal options are games for drinking or playing cornhole. Nowadays, friends, family and many others get together during the few hours before a sports game or during a university event, such as going home, to go to the back gate. Food, music, camping chairs, blankets, and even furry friends appear at the back doors. Many also dress up in team-themed clothing.

You'll also often find a sea of personalized soccer jerseys with monograms, unique color patterns, or even someone's favorite player. From striped knee-length socks to elaborately painted faces, standing in line is one of the many ways fans can show their support for their team while enjoying the moments leading up to a game. Participants use the open rear doors of the car to sit improvisedly and access coolers, food, folding chairs and other essential items for the party. Standing in line is about sitting back and enjoying the company of other fans, having fun and enjoying an autumn or winter day with lots of alcohol and even more food to stretch your stomach.

From there, you can hang flags, team banners or streamers to serve as a backdrop while your friends at the tailgate take turns taking pictures in front. Sure, piling up the plate and throwing a cold one are traditions at the back door, but there are many more ways to make the most of the time between parking your car and heading to your seats. Arriving at a parking lot early on game day, turning on the grill, drinking too many beers, throwing on some pigskin, making weekend friends who are usually by your side, and getting ready for your favorite team to stand in line can be absolutely incredible. People with similar interests get together at a tailgate party to socialize and celebrate the event they're going to attend.

Let your team of supporters vote for their favorite chili and you can reveal the winner before entering the game. While you're at the back gate getting ready for your team's game, it's always easy to have a couple of televisions in the right place to follow the rest of the action that will take place that day. In addition, a phone turned off in the tailgate means that you won't have much energy left for the game itself, which means that, if a Hail Mary occurs at the last second, you'll be the only person who won't be able to prove that you were in the stands when it happened. You can even challenge them to go head-to-head in a cornhole competition to see which group takes the lead.

The party can take place in a certain area of the parking lot, where people spontaneously gather around the vehicles behind them. These 21 rules are designed to stop profaners from parking, so they can get down to the business of going to the line. Enthusiastic passengers can even choose to bring a recreational vehicle to access a kitchen, refrigerator and comfortable bathroom. People often buy season tickets for their favorite teams year after year and organize big parties in the back door.

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