What is tailgate etiquette?

If you're going to sit in the cooler, don't complain when someone wants to open the cooler every 15 seconds. If you are going to visit another tailgate, never leave with a refreshment on the road unless offered to you. Don't bring a six-pack of crappy beers and assume that that entitles you to someone else's whiskey. CHARGE your cell phone or bring additional batteries.

At some point in the day you'll want to know the score of that Duke-Memphis game (which is very real) and you don't want anyone else to know that you really care about this game. A tailgate party is a social event held in and around the open tailgate of a vehicle. Shopping, which takes place primarily in the United States and Canada, often involves drinking alcoholic beverages while barbecuing and grilling food. Backgate parties are held in the parking lots of stadiums and arenas, before and occasionally after games, festivals and concerts.

People who attend such a party are said to be “following the trail”. Many people participate even if their vehicles don't have tailgates. Backgate parties also involve people bringing their own alcoholic beverages, barbecues, food, and so on. That a sample is taken and shared among the fans who attend the tailgate.

Backdoors are intended to be non-commercial events, so selling items to fans is frowned upon and may even be considered an illegal proposition. Standing in line is often considered a fundamental part of the sporting experience in the United States. Because many American sports facilities are surrounded by large parking lots, the gates are often held just outside the stadium and stadium entrances. There are no pre-season sessions in the back gate, folks, and while it can be argued that there should be, make sure your liver is in “game form” before you tear off the dial and break it.

After hours of walking through the tailgate, you have hours of soccer ahead of you, keep up the pace during the tailgate and drink lots of water. I have seen experienced players succumb to the magnificent settings of the night games, especially at the beginning of the year. If it's a midday game, you'd better be sure to get up when the sun rises, because those precious hours of going to the queue will evaporate faster than the morning dew. The most popular foods for tailgate parties include basic foods for picnics and grilling, such as sausage, sausage, baked beans, steak, pizza to go and cold salads, such as coleslaw or potato salad.

Several television commercials, especially those broadcast during soccer games, show the culture of going to the queue, including those for Bud Light beer and mobile phones. Usually, going to the queue involves consuming alcoholic beverages or soft drinks and grilling various meat products. Backgate parties have been extended to pre-game festivities at sporting events other than American football, such as basketball, hockey, baseball and soccer. He makes them wake up early to be in the stadium hours before the football game, and he states that the game is nothing, since the party at the back gate is the only reason they are there.

Lawn games such as KanJam, cornhole, ladder golf, Polish horseshoes, Louisville Chugger, Jarts, washer throwing and Solf are very popular during gate and tailgate parties. Bring a ball to throw it, but always remember that just because you were a backup quarterback in high school doesn't mean you're the quarterback of the parking lot during the back doors. .

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