What should you not bring to a tailgate party?

For some people, no party is complete without a cold beer (and we don't mean iced tea). For a lot of people, shopping is all about grilling. Lots of napkins, paper towels, eating utensils, plates and cups are also essential items. Make sure these items are disposable so that you can easily dispose of the waste and you don't have to drive home with a bunch of dirty dishes.

Don't bring your entire extended family and let them immerse themselves in the host's food as if it were a buffet. Look, it's okay to bring one or two unexpected friends. Most followers welcome each and every friend of friends who come to visit us. They usually offer food or drink to people they've just met.

But everything they offer is usually intended for someone else and is told long before they even bother to set it up. Cola fans don't mind making sacrifices and love showing off good Southern hospitality. Just don't take advantage of it. Nowadays, friends, family and many others get together during the few hours before a sports game or during a university event, such as going home, to go to the back gate.

Food, music, camping chairs, blankets and even furry friends appear at the back doors. Many also dress up in team-themed clothing. You'll also often find a sea of personalized soccer jerseys with monograms, unique color patterns, or even someone's favorite player. From striped knee-length socks to elaborately painted faces, standing in line is one of the many ways fans can show their support for their team while enjoying the moments leading up to a game.

I have seen experienced players succumb to the magnificent settings of the night games, especially at the beginning of the year. As is the case before the game, shopping is a great way to show the pride of your team and offer your guests, friends and family an entertaining day that they won't soon forget. Fans preparing on Saturdays this fall should prepare mentally for the logistical planning and physical task of standing in line before and after an Alabama or Auburn football game. I can't explain what standing in line means to you, it's a personal matter, but I can give you some friendly advice to help you make the most of those epic Saturday mornings.

There are no pre-season sessions in the back gate, folks, and while it can be argued that there should be, make sure your liver is in “game form” before you tear off the dial and break it. The SEC has some of the best college football scenes, especially in Tuscaloosa and Auburn, and you only need to walk a few steps next to a handful of tents on campus to understand why. Instead, going with rear doors actually gained popularity when portable grills and cars began to be mass-produced. However, even the smallest tailgates sometimes have several tents, chairs, tables, lights, refrigerators, and other equipment that require labor to disassemble and transport them back to the car.

If you've been invited to a tailgate party and you're not sure what to bring or where to start, we have what you need. As the National Football League also gained ground, so did college football and, yes, the tailgate. Bring prepared food only if it's delicious, such as steaks and cheese from that bad cheese steak store, or more than 50 hamburgers from White Castle, or any sandwich that lasts longer than it measures. No one necessarily invites you to a tailgate or a party expecting you to work with them to fix or clean it, but it's a simple courtesy that makes their day much easier.


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